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Swift Treatment Machine

The science bit

Effective. Responsive. Precise.

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Swift Treatment machine

The science behind our unique verruca treatment

With treatment times in seconds, Swift provides a precise, and easy way of treating skin lesions.


It uses electromagnetic waves to penetrate deep into the affected tissue to not just destroy it but also alert the immune system of the verruca virus, activating its self-healing response.

Graphic showing infected tissue of a verruca

Infected tissue can exist several millimetres below the skin and can be difficult to treat using traditional methods resulting in untreated tissue or further damage.

Graphic depicting Swift treatment being administered onto a verruca

Swift delivers a precise energy dose.  Microwaves travel quickly into the tissue causing localised heating and cell destruction within a pre-determined depth

Graphic showing repaired tissue after treatment

In just minutes, the treatment is complete and the healing cascade begins immediately.  Treated tissue is quickly replaced, repaired and regenerated.

At The Verruca Clinic, we will assess your general well-being and foot health before deciding on a treatment plan. 

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Your Treatment Plan at The Verruca Clinic

Before and After Treatment

Does it hurt?

For the short duration of the treatment, it will be painful. However, we do have the ability to change our protocol according to how you are able to tolerate the treatment.  We try to get as much microwave energy into the affected tissue at each appointment.

Studies have shown that the average lesion needs 3.5 treatments to resolve.  The number of treatments you need will depend on how your body responds. Some verrucae resolve within three treatments but more may be needed, especially with large or multiple lesions or ones you had had for a number of years.

Verruca on a toe

How safe are microwaves?

Microwaves have been in clinical use for over 30 years, and are used globally in the effective treatment of cancer. 

Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation, which means that they can’t cause damage to the DNA of living things. The Swift microwave treatment supplies enough energy to agitate water molecules and cause friction and delivers less energy into the skin than most laser treatments. 

Aside from the kitchen appliance, microwaves are used in a number of everyday applications. Standard WiFi uses microwaves, mobile phones, bluetooth, and cordless phones all use microwaves to send data over short distances. We interact with microwaves in more ways than we know, every day.

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