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The Solution to vanish your verruca

Foot Massage
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What treatments are available for my verruca?

At The Verruca Clinic, we will assess your general well-being and foot health before deciding on a treatment plan.  


Often the discomfort from the verruca is caused by the thickened skin that surrounds it so we reduce this gently which can help ease the pain and allow other treatments to work more successfully.


However, the key to effectively treating your verruca is to trigger the body’s own immune response rather than simply destroying the infected tissue.  In order to do this, we may use acid-based products, which are stronger than regular 'over the counter' treatments or cryotherapy, which involves freezing the verruca with liquid nitrogen.

Swift Provider graphic with wording "Did you know that the best way to treat verruca is by using the body's own immune response?"

Swift Microwave

By far the most successful treatment we offer to the majority suitable patients is the Swift microwave treatment. This new technology was developed in the UK and licensed for treatment of skin lesions in podiatry and dermatology.


Alder Hey Children’s Hospital regularly use Swift with much success.

Swift uses cutting-edge microwave energy sent through a special probe applied to the skin to zap affected tissue.

The beauty of this treatment is that it requires:

The Verruca Clinic Logo
The Verruca Clinic Logo

No need to use a scalpel 


No needles


No blisters from toxic chemicals


No need to wear a dressing


No need to stop your favourite activities including swimming

Swift Provider advert with wording "Award winning verruca treatment available in our clinic"
Swift Provider image with "keep doing what you love" wording

Will it work for me?

An independent UK clinical study looked at the worst cases of verruca across the country, and almost 80% of patients saw complete resolution in an average of 3-4 treatments.

Patients also reported significant reductions in pain after each treatment.

Before and After Results

Pedicured Feet

Don't just take our word for it...

"After suffering with stubborn verrucas for many years, Emma suggested trying the new swift treatment. I’m so pleased I did! Obviously, it’s an expensive treatment so I was concerned it might not work but after 3 treatments my foot is completely free of verrucas.

It can be a painful treatment but Emma is amazing at making sure it’s as comfortable as possible, and the pain is only in very short bursts. I thought I’d never get rid of my verrucas so I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough."

Rachel, Worcestershire


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